It’s been a great pleasure getting to know you and working with you, and I sincerely hope we will have more opportunities to make a change in the near future. You are a combination of exceptional interpersonal skills and an instant source of knowledge and inspiration professionally. You seem to know a lot about everything, like change mgmt, risk mgmt, project execution, continuous improvement and of course business agility. You are a coach in your heart. You learn fast and invite others to a change journey that is neatly designed by you.

I have personally learned a lot from discussing stuff with you, and I’ve changed my leadership style from observing how you do things. You are the one who challenged me to think strategy ahead of short-term goals. You’ve contributed tremendously to the Agile Competence in Equinor team, and you made a difference in the projects, judging from the excellent feedback you are getting from the customers.

Keep on making a difference – the world is in a continuous change and it needs people like you to bring more agility, sustainability and innovation to the businesses!

Milana Ayzenberg

Product Owner Agile Competence in Equinor