Webinar 2021

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Leadership & Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for organisations. Some would argue that the future of business is dependent on becoming sustainable ✅

We have invited inspiring people such as Charlotte Wolff-Bye, VP Sustainability in Equinor, and Professor Rune Todnem By, Professor of Leadership at the University of Stavanger, to talk about the future of business 🚀

Arranged by EKKO consulting in collaboration with Abilator

Smidig webinarserie – del 1

Vil du vite mer om hva det betyr å være en Smidig organisasjon? Hva er viktige forutsetninger for dette? Dette er del 1 av Smidig webinarserie arrangert i samarbeid med Abilator.

Smidig webinarserie – del 1